Comox Valley Social Planning Society

Accessibility Upgrades

When the CVRD received money to make accessibility upgrades to the Coupland Loop at Seal Bay Park, Senior Park Technician, Danial May, contacted the Accessibility Committee and asked for some first hand guidance. Karin Kratz, Judy Norbury, Ross Hunt, and Christopher Bate met with Daniel and walked and rolled the loop for two hours in mid-October 2022. 

Karin brought a spare wheelchair for Daniel and showed him the importance of everything from concrete let downs to packed gravel to tree roots. Trail side conversations included education about sloped trails, loose gravel and The importance of being able to access parkland as a wheelchair user.

The Accessibility Committee would like to thank Daniel and the CVRD for seeking guidance about trail accessibility and taking the information provided to heart.

Discussing accessible outhouses with Judy Norbury, Ross Hunt, Karin Kratz, and Daniel May
Considering a future accessible lookout with Ross Hunt, Judy Norbury, Daniel May, and Karin Kratz
Measuring good heights for guardrails. Judy Norbury and Daniel May.
Left to right – Daniel May, Karin Kratz, Ross Hunt, and Judy Norbury
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