Living Wage

The Comox Valley Social Planning Society collaborates with Living Wage for Families ( ) to calculate the Living Wage for Families for the Comox Valley.  The living wage is the amount that a family of four, two adults working full year, full time, need to earn to meet their expenses. For 2019 the living wage in the Comox Valley was calculated at $15.97 per hour. Due to Covid-19 the Living Wage Campaign was frozen at the 2019 rate for 2020.  The Social Planning Society looks forward to participating to calculate a 2021 living wage in the fall along with many other communities across BC.

Congratulations to Living Wage Employers in the Comox Valley! Thank you so much for being leaders in our community

We encourage other employers in the Comox Valley to become Living Wage employers.  A guide to becoming a living wage employer and other resources can be found by clicking here.

This webinar was the kick-off of the PlanH  Creating Healthy Public Policy speaker series. One of the main goals of the series is to reduce barriers to local and Indigenous governments implementing healthy public policies. This first webinar is about the City of Victoria’s experience of implementing a Living Wage. To be notified of the next 3 talks in the series you can subscribe to the PlanH newsletter. They are open to anyone interested in healthy public policy.

The accompanying PDF to the video can be found by clicking here